Enable and disable assets

  • Open the ‘Smart Connect’ menu: https://abax.cloud/central/smart-connect/ or find it from ‘Admin > Smart Connect’. 
    Smart Connect Homescreen
  • The list will show all available ABAX Smart Connect integrations enabled. If the asset you would like to enable is not part of an active integration, see “Enable a Smart Connect integration” for more information.   
  • Click on ‘Select Assets’ that matches the machinery that you would like to connect. 
  • The pop-up window will list all your assets under that OEM; organised alphabetically by ‘PIN/Serial Number’. 
    Smart Connect Asset List
  • To find the asset(s) you would like to enable, use the scroll bar or search field.  
  • Use the toggle button to enable the asset(s). If you click ‘Close’ or click off the window, your changes are automatically saved. 


Note: You can only enable as many assets as there are connections available on your account. Once you reach your limit, you must either order more connections (contact ABAX to do this) or disable an asset to enable another. Connections are flexible and assets can be enabled and disabled as you wish. See “How do connections work?” for more information. 


  • The asset(s) is instantly available in your ABAX account and will now appear on the map and in reports. Try refreshing your browser if you are having trouble finding the asset.