Find my MINI (details tab)

If you have a MINI mounted on an asset you lose or misplace – use the ‘Find My MINI’ feature to get a notification when there is a new position received. · Open the ‘Equipment list’ menu or find it from ‘Equipment Control > Equipment List’.

  • Select from the list the asset (MINI) you need to find.
  • Under the ‘Find My MINI’ tab, chose ‘Activate Find My MINI’.
  • Enter your contact information and press ‘Confirm’.
    Find my mini screesnhot
  • You will now receive a message the next time the MINI is seen by the ABAX Global Network.
  • To make it even easier, the message will include a live map that will last 24 hours, so you don’t even need to log in.
Find my mini - app


Find my mini web