Trips overview

Trips give you extensive search functionality for all business trips taken by your fleet. For privacy reasons, private trips will not appear in the list and business trips taken by private vehicles will not appear until the driver has submitted their digital mileage claim (aka triplog) or the driver has allowed for unsubmitted business trips to be visible to the administrator. 

  • Open the ‘Trips’ menu: or find it from ‘Vehicle > Trips’.  
  • Trips is great to quickly find trips on a certain day, hour and even see the routes in a map. 
  • Open the ‘Trips’ submenu under the ‘Triplog’ menu 
  • It is likely that your comapny completes many business trips, so to narrow your search, you can enter criteria such as a date period, vehicle, driver, department, registration number or add a filter such as trip time, whether the trip was taken outside work hours, if the trip is missing a purpose or to show only the first and last trip per day. 
  • Click ‘Search’ when ready. 
  • Each trip will contain all tax compliant information: driver, start date and end date, start address and end address, trip distance, trip duration and trip purpose (if applicable). 

Note: The purpose field can be completed automatically if you have created areas – see “How do I use areas?” for more information. 

  • The icon  
    Business Trip Icon
     indicates the trip was taken outside of working hours. 
  • The icon   
    Trip outside working hours icon
     indicates the trip was outside of working hours and is missing a purpose. 
  • The icon 
    indicates the trip was taken outside of working hours and is missing a purpose. 
  • The icon 
    Trip Locked Icon
     indicates the trip is locked and can no longer be edited. 


  • Clicking on a trip will bring up further information including the option to see the trip in Map’. Here you can see the route of the trip and click on any GPS marker for information including location and speed. You can pan, zoom in and out or drag and drop the yellow man to a specific location to switch to Google Street View. 


  • If your drivers are managing their trips for their business mileage claim (aka triplog) – they may merge two trips into one to make complex trips simpler e.g. If stopping for fuel mid trip created two trips. On all trip lists, a merged trip is indicated by the icon 
    Merge Trips
  • To expand all parts of a merged trip, click the applicable trip once.