Spot search

Spot search allows you to replay all vehicle movement in a highlighted area during a specific time frame. An administrator can use the information for route management or to verify if a vehicle was in a specific place at a specific time. 

  • Open the ‘Spot search’ menu: or find it from ‘Triplog > Spot search’.  
  • Position the highlighted circle over the area you want to check – To help, you can use the red marker to drag the circle and the black markers on either side to adjust the highlighted area size. 
  • Once positioned, choose the date in the top left – you can also narrow your results by using the search field. 
  • When ready, click the ‘Search’ button – if you are searching a large area, it may take a few minutes for your results to load.
    Vehicle Spot Search Screenshot
  • Your results will show the route of all vehicles in the highlighted area during your set work hours. 
  • Click on the play symbol to play through the day – you can pause and replay at any time. 
  • If you need to narrow your results further try removing any vehicles using the ‘x’ in the ‘chosen vehicle’ window or by adjusting the time slider. However, if you need to change the date or the highlighted area, you will need to restart the search. 
  • If you leave the spot search page, the search criteria will be reset.