Get started with the ABAX MINI

If you have not yet installed the MINI, please see the Installation Guide on

  • Open the ‘Equipment list’ menu or find it from ‘Equipment Control > Equipment List’.
  • The list will show you an overview of all equipment including the MINI units on your account.


Note: If you are adding asset details for the first time, the list will only contain serial numbers. You must match the serial number to the correct asset.


  • Select a MINI from the list to add the following details:
    • Name - the label that will appear in reports and map.
    • Department - the department the MINI belongs to.
    • Description - free text to help you stay organised.
  • The following is recorded automatically:
    • Serial No. - the unique serial number of the MINI.
    • Last seen - timestamp of when the MINI was last updated.
    • Last seen by - the name of the hardware unit that last spotted the MINI - 'ABAX Global Network' will appear here if the unit was not your own.
  • You can also choose to show or hide the MINI on the map via the ‘Show MINI on map’ button under ‘Map settings’ tab.


Mini Hide on map