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ABAX Equipment Control

Installation details

Installation type: 3 wire installation (Usage Logging)
Typical equipment: Heavy plant machinery (Excavators, Diggers, Generators etc.)
Estimated installation time: 20 minutes
Required tools: Soldering iron, heat-shrink kit, multimeter
Red wire:For permanent power
Black WireFor ground (earth)
Yellow WireFor a power source that is active when the ignition is on

Do not mount the unit under metal as it may interfere with GPS signal strength.

Download Installation pdf

Installation guide for Hitachi ZX-6 Mini Excavator PDF

EQ - 3 Wire Installation (Usage Logging).pdf

Installation example with an Hitachi excavator

In this example, we will mount an ABAX Equipment control unit in a Hitachi excavator. Other plant machinery will differ, but the principles remain the same.

Parts required

EOA001310 Comm Device (36 MTH)

JB6280 security plug harness

Step 1

1.1 Double fuse wire back and secure with cable ties supplied

1.2 Tidy Wiring using heat shrink sleeving

Step 2

2.1 Fit 12.7 mm heat shrink sleeving

2.2 Connect Wires

Step 3

3.1 Assembly ready to install

3.2 Disconnect battery via isolator Switch

Step 4

4.1 Remove dash panel

4.2 Locate "Security plug"

Step 5

5.1 Connect patch lead

5.2 Attach GPS tracker to panel behind fuse box. Use surface cleaning wipes provided with 3M Primer

Step 6

6.1 Connect battery via isolator switch. Take note of the time for the the registration form.

6.2 Check Unit LED for power. LED will blink red for 1 minute, and then blue for up to 9 minutes. When start up is complete, the unit will stop blinking.

Step 7

7. After the intallation, log in to abax to activate the unit: